I write this not knowing if it will ever make it out this forsaken place. I will do my best to recount my day though so much has happened.


It started like most other days, the sun came up. I packed my things paid my tab and was headed to the inn to find Omega. As I drew near I saw who I believed to be, and later determined to be a few of their members. Tripper as he is called is the war forged a rather imposing fellow if you can call him a fellow, and Corwyn the Avenger an honorable looking human. I noticed that their seemingly benign conversation they were having was replaced with growing concern and inquisitive glances in all manner of direction.

Before I reached them another figure approached them and began speaking to them, an Elvin woman it appeared. As I drew near I barely had time to introduce myself and tell them I was with Sigma and needed to find Fergus, that the spirits had warned me of danger to come, when screams erupted from down the street. Corwyn and Tripper immediately headed in the direction of the screams followed closely by myself and the elf. I noticed another person headed towards the commotion instead of away, a hooded figure. We reached an ally way of sorts with a building in front, the alley turning left and right around the building. That is when we saw three creatures, ghastly and horrid creatures. On the roof of the building were a beholder and a Nothic, coming from the left alley a Grick with its latest meal still in its clutches. Tripper and Corwyn charged down the right hand ally on the heels of something or someone unseen to me. The elf, a mage, and the hooded figure a half elf ranger and I engaged in battle with the monsters. I will not recount the fight in detail as I have much left to write, but the one detail that does matter, we made it out of the alley alive and the aberrations did not.

The next thing I know I am standing above a sewer grate and I learned several things very quickly. The mage was named Aster and the ranger, Ethos. Tripper and Corwyn described more creatures that they had chased, one lay dead on the ground. The creatures were carrying the other members of Omega and had escaped down the hole. Knowing I need these men to find Fergus I offered my help in retrieving their lost comrades, that may have been a hasty decision in hindsight.


Once in the sewer system we were assailed by a band of Kobolds. The rabble had no will to fight really but they feared their masters more than us. Tripper was nearly covered in acid by the end of the fight, thrown by cowardly Kobolds hiding in shadow. It was notice by a few in our party that the leaders of the band seemed not in control of themselves, their eyes glazed over. Sadly all but one was slain. Oddly the ranger seemed intent to mount their heads on spikes as a warning for others. I told him it would not be a good idea and we moved on. Our short journey ended at a dwarf and some sort of markings on the ground, later determined to be a portal to Khyber if you can believe that.

What followed was a long discussion between mainly Tripper, Ethos and the Dwarf about whether or not he would let us pass, each listing the reasons why it was ok or not ok for us to go through. Personally I was thinking of a lot of reasons why we didn’t want to go to Khyber but the spirits had lead me here and I had offered my assistance, following and aiding these people was my fate for now. As my thoughts returned to the conversation at hand it seemed the dwarf had conceded and we were being allowed to pass through the portal. Corwyn received an amulet of sorts that would apparently return us to this sewer once we had retrieved the other members of Omega, provided we used it exactly where we arrive in Khyber.

Deeper Still

Had I known I was going to be spending a time underground I would have packed accordingly. The light down here is mostly nonexistent and I have to be lead around like a blind man for the most part.

Once we arrived we could hear commotion ahead, Ethos and others who could see in this retched place began looking for tracks and investigating the sounds of battle. They said there were some sorts of fungus people fending off an attack from a plant of sorts. We decide to follow the tracks and skirt around the conflict and came across bodies in a pool of water. A few items on them gave us info on who they were, adventurers on some sort of mission down here to gather eggs. Scouting a little ahead while others were learning the last seconds of one of the adventurers lives, Ethos and I discovered a massive fortification set into the wall of a massive cavern, odd looking humanoids milling about the parapets. We went back to tell the others, at that point we were discovered by yet another type of creature Kua-Toa I believe, Tripper did his best to relay that we were not enemies and we were only trying to find friends who were lost down here. After a long, shall we say conversation, with what appeared to be a leader of some rank possibly a chieftain, if they have them, it was decided that we would help them search for their missing comrades and they would in turn help us.

After a short while of searching we found the corpse of the missing Kua-Toa. Our part of the bargain fulfilled, Chief, showed us a sort of waterfall, falling into the ground. He motioned that there would be swimming and probably fighting as well most in the group are hesitant I can tell, as am I, except of course Tripper, he has no use for breath unlike the rest of us. Chief can’t tell us how far a swim it is only that it is long, with no place to come up for air and we may have to fight our way to an opening with dry land and air to breathe.

Tripper jumped in first followed by the rest of us. Once everyone was ok and situated in the water we tied a line around each other tethering us all together, then with reluctance under the surface and into the tunnel we went. I could feel the pull of the current, a good thing I hoped as it had to lead somewhere. We were moving along well enough though Ethos was having issues with being underwater and it seemed he saw something down one tunnel branch that spooked him. Astrid as well was having some difficulty keeping a smooth stride underwater. Suddenly almost if the temperament of the water itself changed, I noticed Tripper who was in the lead, glance over his shoulder then turned, in one motion he pulled hard on the tether and cut himself free. The one plan before entering the water, if anything happened, keep heading for air. He would hold or stop any aggressor. As I turned in search of the danger Tripper was walking past the others, up current, an Aboleth and its young were advancing on us. Everyone had noticed at this point. Astrid and Ethos launched attacks and I called upon a dolphin spirit to aid us. All we needed was time and distance, the dolphin acted as a distraction and deterrent as Astrid cast a spell that seemed to slow the creatures considerably. Between our differences in speed and the momentum from Tripper’s tug, Corwyn and I slipped from the tether line and surged forward down current looking for a place to surface. We found it about one hundred feet down the tunnel. Able to hold our breath a while longer we decided to not yet surface, we were joined shortly by Astrid but it seemed Ethos was overtaken with panic and was sinking to the bottom of the tunnel. Tripper turned away from the Aboleth’s grabbed Ethos and headed our way. Trying to stay quiet we emerged from the water into darkness. Informed it appeared to be a completely sealed in room it I felt it safe enough to start a fire after we determined the Aboleth’s were not going to pursue us out of the water.

And this is how I end my day wet and exhausted and marooned in the Dragon Below.



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