Eberron Omega

Chapter 3 - Of Undead
The Endless Dungeon Awaits

I. The Lower Tunnels

Leading the way, Zed neared the entrance to what would later be known as the Lower Tunnels. The rusted gate hung wedged, barely touching the floor in places. The musty, dank air hung thick in everyone’s throats. Except for Tripper, of course. But even he could feel the humid weight in the air, expanding his wooden cores and making passage uncomfortable. There was no light this far underground. Luckily, the group had paid back in Sharn to get semi-permanent Darkvision. More than the musty air, though, the atmosphere was one of ominous suffocation. It gave an oppressive overtone, bordering on Claustrophobia. Regardless, Tripper stepped up to lift the gate leading into the 10×12 hallway beyond.

Astonishingly, Tripper could not, after several attempts, raise the gate. Zed moved in to “show Tripper how to do it.” Remarkably, after one try, he was able to lift the gate free of its hold. Tripper claimed he had loosened it for Zed. Once through, the group winded through the hallways, searching out for traps. The first room they came across was empty. At the second one, they narrowly avoided a pit trap that lead to a junk room. After coming out, they caught a glimpse of a tentacle escape around the corner. They pursued, but whatever it was, it had escaped.

In the next room they came across, they encountered a massive crystal-like spider that attacked them as soon as they entered. Tripper, exploring a new perspective on life, opted to try to reason with the beast. After much delegation, mostly because of Tripper’s refusal to kill a creature who may well be just defending itself, the group finally collaborated and destroyed the monster, Osh removing its skin to be used later for armor. On searching the room, Harlos discovered a secret door at the back.

Through the doorway, another chamber opened. But this one appeared to be much better kept. It was divided by a wall with a curtain. Beyond that was a grand piano, and a throne-like chair on a dais. The group fanned out and approached the chair. Tripper attempted to hide behind one of the wall curtains. Osh went straight up to the chair. Upon doing so, 2 spirits emerged from the wall, attacking him, then bouncing back into the wall. The battle ensued, and no sooner did it, but the doorway to Osh’s left burst open, and a Vampire who looked identical to Dughan came forth. He exclaimed at the “racket” that was being made, and how his brother was too incompetent to take care of his own problems. He passed by Tripper unsuspecting, and planted a cyst directly into Osh’s brain. Tripper came up behind and lashed at Ares dealing significant damage. The group moved in for the kill and made short work of the otherwise powerful foe, catching him in a pickle as his misty form became his dead form and back again until they finally destroyed his coffin in the next room. Lying next to the coffin was a disabled Warforged, Tome, who joined the group after being brought back to consciousness. Exploring the remaining rooms of the chamber, Omega found a cell containing Kae’lyn, who eagerly accepted their rescue, and another chamber with 4 chests, containing some useful items.

The group rested then pressed on exploring the remainder of the lower tunnels, mostly to help Kae’lyn locate his missing gear. The reamainder of the lower floor was relatively nondescript. All rooms being used mainly for storage.

II. Subbasement

Ascending the stairs to the subbasement, the group moves east. The first room nearly caught the team in a crushing rock trap, but they avoided, gathered the treasure, and moved on. Around the following corner, the team encounters two Bloodmote clouds that nearly bleed a couple of members, but they systematically reduce the swarm and press on.

They come to a bend and a door on the left (south). Tripper enters first, into a room with giant ants. THe room appears to be a foodstuffs storage, but the ants want a different meal. When any flsehy creatures tried to enter the room, the ants went crazy, but they left Tripper alone, so he explored the room, finding nothing of real interest, so the group moved on, leaving them be.

At the next bend, the head North then West to a small room that offers them 3 phase spiders. After a shaky fight, they finish them off and seal themselves inside to rest. During the evening, there was a scratching at the door, made by some Tomb Motes. They prove no match for Omega, though, and the team moves on, back to the bend and NOrth. At the end of the hall, past one door, they encounter a Spirit Naga in a small room. They make short work of the beast and backtrack to the skipped door from which emitted a soft, sweet music. On entering, they encounter a Spectral Lyrist. Osh attempts to read her thought, to which she laughs and attacks, realizing she cannot sway them. Dez counters her charms with his own music, and the group dispatches her quickly. They destroy her instrument for good measure.

Through the other side of the room, the explore the hallway they passed up earlier. Only one room occupied that hallway. Inside was nothing more than a ruined throne and some tarnished gold coins. The group toys with it, but decided to leave the gold alone, bypassing the haunting of the Invisible Stalker inside.

Back down the hallway toward the Spirit Naga room, they turned north and discovered a dead end room that was some sort of underground garden with fungus and a pair of will-o’-wisps. The room actually turned out to be a sucking air trap. The door closed in and the air began to rapidly be sucked out the SW corner. Luckily before anyone was lost to the trap, Harlos disabled the trap at the same time Zed worked a hole in the door. The will-o’-wisps were sucked through the far hole.

Passing back to the last fork, the group heads further in west to a dining room. In the south mirror, they notice a pair of red eyes leering at them. When they approach it, it screeches forth shaking up most of the party, but Tripper breaks through it and hacks away, but Only magic and some lucky strikes take the Wraith down. Though it was unnecessary, they shatter the mirror to be sure. Through the across doorway, they follow the hall north and find the exit. But to the south is a door and the sounds of a rowdy group beyond. On the East side, they also find a secret door. The group splits and engages the room from both sides, finding a group of Ghasts playing poker with fleshy appendages as ante. The Ghasts rampage Omega, but OMega makes short work, again, of the group. Aside from some dice and cards, nothing of real use is in the room, though, that appears to be an underground well they were guarding.

Omega decides to backtrack and make sure they explore every room. The first room they uncover is a secret room filled almost to the rim with gargoyles. Easily enough, OMega funnels the gargoyles to their death. But during the battle, Tripper notes a strange rumbling in the walls and ceiling around him. Others confirm. The next room they come to, Harlos discovers a trap, and bypasses it. On opening the door, 3 wraiths charge out from an underground stabling. Harlos decides to set the trap off to catch the wraiths in the effects. Unfortunately, the trap is a HArm spell that not only hurts him, but heals the wraiths. After a little struggling to regain his power, Kae’lyn manages to hallow the ground, vanquishing the undead and clearing the area for a night’s rest.

The final room they backtrack to, at first glance, appears to be empty, but on entering, they discover that it was an illusory wall concealing a Gauth and 3 Ettercaps. The Gauth gives the party a little trouble, but being beholderkin, Omega focuses their efforts on him, offing him quickly. The Ettercaps are little challenge after that. Among a selection of really nice items, they discover all of Kae’lyn’s belongings. Having cleared the floor, and made it this far, the group decided to press on topside to the next level.

III. Basement

Coming up to the next level, the Basement, the halls look nothing like the previous floors. SOme sort of cave-in has occurred, though they cannot asses how long ago. THe only accessible halls lead North and East. Omega heads east first. Straight ahead they see one door, but to the north, down a long hall, lies another. Beyond which, Kae’lyn feels a very strong evil eminating. OMega decides to go straight first, addressing the evil second. On entering the East door, they see a large, almost empty room. Across the entryway, on the back wall are two tapestries, at the foot of which, lie chests. HArlos braves the trek and heads in. In one chest are 200 gold and a hidden cache of 1400 more. Harlos discovers both. In the other chest, Harlos bypasses a rather nasty Geas spell trap. DEciding nothing else will happen, a few others enter, after which time a Bulette blasts through the floor, causing a cave-in. Some fell, some didn’t, but they all went in and engaged. Dez charmed the Bulette and the group decided to encourage it to seek its food on the surface, preferrably in the form of goblins.

They work their way back up and head to the single, evil room. Inside they find a sepulchur fallen in by the cave-in. Emerging from it, a rotting mummy. Accompanying him, two Greater Shadows. Omega makes a mockery of the undead and sack the room, finding plenty of treasure.

Heading back north, they find the exit and a door. Through the door, they find a dining room, empty, except for a bookshelf. Among the books a Manual of Gainful Exercise.

One more floor.

IV. The Main Floor

Working their way up through the rubble, OMega finds this floor to be almost entirely caved in, save one clear path leading east to a room and west to a ladder. Omega moves east first to find a bedroom. INside, the only real threat, violet fungi, the group avoids it, snags the treasure, and moves to the ladder.

V. Ending at the Beginning

Climbing the ladder, Harlos peers through the trapdoor to find the “exit” to be the inside of a sepulchur. Omega clears the opening and gathers themselves. They are in the sepulchur of the founder of Vathirond, dead in the middle of the southern graveyard behind the Sovereign Church.

VI. Undead Abound

Omega cautiously emerges from the sepulchur into the graveyard. Open graves lie as far as they can see. An unsteady silence whisks across the dead grass. A chitter draws their attention one direction, while a scuffle draws it another. Slowly a muffled groan creeps in from the distance. As they peer north to the town of Vathirond, all they see is smoke, flame, and a horde of undead. Suddenly, as they near the church, bits of graveyard and tombstones animate and form into a massive figure that lunges toward Omega. They run toward the church, fighting as they go. At the same time, more TOmb Motes pop up. The Motes are nothing more than a hindrance Omega makes a joke of. The Grave Dirt Golem Poses a real threat, but after a bit of a slug out, OMega drops it in a pile of ash.

Into the church, OMega finds a strange calm. The sanctuary seems to have remained relatively untouched among the death all around. OMega decides to make a break for it through the front doors, moving west and north, bypassing the major hordes and head straight to the docks where they hope some of the ships remain intact. Just as they are about to exit, they hear someone yell “NO!” and catch sight of a little girl fleeing from somewhere beneath the church outside. She runs toward one of the zombies crying “MOMMY!” A man bursts forth from a cellar door aside the church just as Tripper blasts from the church in pursuit. They both get to the girl, barely in time, but the attention of the hordes is now on them, and the garrisons turn and move in. Two large groups lead by Karrnathi Zombies, split around a mansion and attempt to flank OMega, but Omega systematically shows the horde why they just cleared an endless dungeon with nary a scratch.

They gather up the survivors who were hiding under the church and follow their original plan. They manage to move to the docks unscathed, but when they get there, there are ships in tact, but they appear to be guarded by goblins.

The goblins sound the alarm, and engage Omega. One ship in particular spouts a Half-vampire who Omega subdue. It turns out he was guarding Dughan’s ship, with his coffin aboard. On a quick search of the goblins who were slain at the docks, a note was discovered among them.


Duun Tan, o agaan duun aluulkakec Agen ac men okaaguur. Duuc men dhuugaan an tuuc, rhec terthec der ar daan ghoul tuuc rhaan akaan duun kaaluul’daan Shagaar Druulkaluul, or rhaal’duugaal akaarach muulkaan daaraan daakhaal molkac tuul’daan dhuul an.

Ar o ghaar akec or Rhaal’dac’n kaarerakaan, druun khruur maarekhakhaan duun dhaan. Or draach dan okec duun al ac daan talec or Zakheguuc.

Ar ach huun tuur, daan Zalkegaan maac daar shuuklec draac rhaal’duul daan shuc or Zakher, daan dhuukaar or den shekhec. Daagaan agaan duun okakaan. Okaan an rhaal’duul daan taguukharlon akerthaan daan shuc. Daan okhaar an merthaac ac daan hagaar, akhaach. Daan ter an rhaakaar daan maarthuukaan or Ghel’duul Ghaguun, Zakher’n taalaar kuugaan.

Okaan duul or daan okhaar, daan dech magaan duun ogarthelakhaan duuraan shuuklec, A’l togaan, an Shagaar Druulkaluul ken druul daagaan, duun.

Huul kon, Tan.

Shuul’duukaach Shorlaar_

Translated it reads:


To Slack, you are to accompany Aries in his endeavor. Though his force is strong, by siding with it we may soon be able to recollect Cavern Dromaka, our beloved ancestral home these wretched humans stole from us.

If you meet any of Breland’s resistance, do not hesitate to flee. Our deal was only to aid in the sacking of Vathirond.

If all goes sour, the Vampires keep their coffins deep below the crypt of Vathir, the founder of this city. There are two entrances. One is below the sarcophagus inside the crypt. The other is hidden in the graveyard, itself. The switch is beneath the headstone of Milla Markos, Vathir’s secret love.

One way or the other, we will have to eradicate those coffins, I’m sure, as Cavern Dromaka lies down there, too.

Good luck, Slack.

Colonel Chugger

Omega, after silencing their foes on the docks, take the steamship and Dughan’s coffin and head out on the open water. Once they hit the Thrane river, at the deepest point, they shove Dughan’s coffin overboard, sinking it beneath the heavy currents below. Omega then heads north.

Chapter 2 - The Dream
Dream Warriors (YES! DOKKEN!)

Everyone secured, Omega set up watch (which was basically Tripper, who doesn’t need sleep), and set to rest. In the middle of the night, Tripper noticed something odd, and tried to wake Omega to investigate, but he could only get Osh awake. Everyone else, including all surviving passengers, was in a catatonic-type state. What Tripper had noticed was a Kalashtar Psion lurking on the perimeter of the wreckage. When he realized he had been noticed, he approached. Never giving his name, he explained he was hunting a rogue Quori who had been shell-hopping and this was the last place he had tracked it to. Tripper explained the state of the rest of the party, and the Kalashtar demanded that the Quori must be somehow responsible. He explained that the only way to get them out of their state would be to enter their dreams one by one and pull them out, physically. Since Osh and Tripper couldn’t dream themselves, the Kalashtar would have to employ a Dorje he had with a power that would allow them to physically manifest into the dreams. Unfortunately, in this state, should danger come their way, they would be susceptible to death, unlike the dreamer.

They journeyed into the nearest person, realizing immediately that somehow, all the dreams had been combined into one. Something very powerful had to be responsible for this, and it was immediately clear that it was not the Quori.

Meanwhile, each member of Omega experienced an odd dream-state in which they began to realize they were dreaming, and they slowly joined together within the dream, emerging together in a cave with a keep in the center. Many lizard-like creatures milled about, generally ignoring them. Off to their right, they noted a caravan carting in a prison cage that contained a Human of the cloth. They couldn’t make out exactly what religion. With him in the cage, however, were 2 figures not unfamiliar to Harlos. Both of his parents. Both alive. They were drug, unconscious, from the cage to the gate, and greeted by a nasty-looking illithid. Before Harlos could react, the doors ominously closed behind them. One word echoed in his mind. A name. Gribnakh. As soon as this had transpired, the small party recognized a familiar voice to their right. To their surprise, Tripper was attempting a negotiation with the lizard-creatures. And he was succeeding. They crept toward the cart and Harlos managed to release the lock, but they were caught in the process, and a battle ensued. The reunified Omega company made quick work of the creatures and set about exploring the grounds as they queried the Cleric. It turns out he was the very same Silver Flame Dez bumped into that day in Sharn. He had moved about Breland, trying to find his head and his focus, and he landed in Vathirond. The day before he was to set out again, headed to Flamekeep to confront his former tutor, Vathirond was sacked by a massive horde of undead, lead by Twin Vampire Brothers (Ares and Dughan Rendclaw) and a small band of Goblins. Kae’Lyn did what he could, but the forces were too great for him. The last thing he remembers of the fight was being clubbed from behind and seeing the wicked face of Ares above him, laughing.

The next thing he remembers is being locked up in a cage in some room, presumably underground with all the mold and mildew, with two other carcasses that might have been goblinoid at one time. The twin vampires would repeatedly come in and torture him just for fun. He explained that he was much happier here in this dream state, and when they got to the door of the keep, he elected to remain outside, as he didn’t wish to wake up any sooner than he had to. This time of peace served his will more aptly. The group vowed to come into Vathirond and try to rescue him once they escape this dream state.

On the outer grounds, the group discovered a small throne with remains on it. Out front was staked the rotting head of an illithid. To the left of the keep was a small inlet. Inside was an odd structure. Several holes in the floor radiating a pinkish light. Inside was a large, open container of ectoplasm, and floating about within were bodies. Grafting Pools On further inspection, they were alive, but horribly disfigured. Unnatural parts had been stitched on or replaced, and they appeared to be incubating. The group attempted to rescue some of them, but were met with hostility as they emerged, so they mercifully put them down and headed to the keep.

Once inside the keep, the building seemed much smaller inside than the outside suggested. As most dreams go, not a lot about the place seemed to make sense. The group entered the first door on the left. Inside was a lab, and caged in the corner was a very ashen-looking illithid. He stared blankly at the group with red, dry eyes, but he did not advance. The party took that opportunity to leave him be and exit the room. It did not pursue.

In the room opposite that one, the group found a study and a hidden cache, but nothing of any great significance that would follow them out of the dream. They continued on, attempting to locate the illithid and Harlos’ parents, but every turn brought them back outside the keep. Eventually, the group abandoned the hunt and followed the Psion out of the dream.

When they exited the dream, several of the train riders remained comatose. As Harlos and Tripper argued over the ethical nature of euthanasia, an undisclosed person slipped in and executed them anyway. As well, the Psion managed to slip away in the confusion. It was later concluded by Osh that the Psion could very well have been the one to cause the stasis in the first place. But no evidence could be found.

The next day, Omega employed the aid of the riders and righted the engine and one car onto the tracks. They safely loaded all but one on board. Maleena opted to head out on foot. As Harlos pursued her, she turned and her face distorted, then re-emerged to that of a Rakshasa. MaleenaHe gave an evil grin, then shifted back and vanished. Harlos heard him laugh in his mind, then carry off in the distance.

Omega headed toward the farmhouse to investigate where Dughan might have gone.

Once finally inside, they found nothing of significance upstairs. Downstairs, on a workbench, were random components used in repairing Warforged, but nothing more. However, someone did discover that the well in the basement was actually a passageway to a tunnel underground. Farmhouse Descending the well, Omega discovered a cave-in and the remains of 3 un-recoverable warforged buried in it. Tripper managed to pull several useful components from the scrap and Zed employed an Earth Elemental to push a passageway through to the other side. The tunnel already lead south. On the north side of the cave-in, it was discovered that it continued north and it was concluded that this must have been some sort of underground escape tunnel for refugee warforged attempting to escape the oppressive rule of Thrane. The group decided to head South, since that was the direction of Vathirond, electing to further explore the tunnel at a later date.

After a few hours of walking, the tunnel curved West, and using his survivalist skills, Zed determined they were close to Vathirond. As luck would have it, the tunnel branched south (continuing west as well), and the party headed that way. Not 200 ft in, they came to a stone sewer exit that opened into an underground dungeon of some sort. It was blocked off by a heavy rusted gate…

Chapter 1 - Derailed
The first step is the hardest

Breland One of the benefits of working for Fergus is unlimited land transportation. Upon joining his services, each member is given nationally recognized papers for both Orien coach and Lightning Rail. Only one exception exists, and that’s Thrane. Because Thrane refused to recognize Fergus’ militia, he holds no authority there. Omega, and most everyone else, feels this may be why the militia he set up there (against the Cardinals’ will) disappeared.

Omega boarded the Lightning Rail for Thrane, and headed out. Several days into their eventless journey, as the rail passed north of New Cyre, the conductor pulled the rail to a halt. Just ahead, a group had formed a rail block for all passing trains. Leading this group was a burly Bugbear, and to a lesser extent, a man named Mordius (who the group later finds to be an exiled Artificer from House Cannith). The group had many wounded and demanded boarding on the train, which the conductor obliged, though with conditions the Bugbear refused to comply. He became irate and Tripper attempted to subdue him, but the Bugbear ended up fighting Tripper to the death.

The remaining of the group boarded, and the train began its journey again. It turned out, they were fleeing a ruined Vathirond just ahead. Days before, an army of undead rose up seemingly out of nowhere and sacked the city. No stranger to attack, being on the border of Breland and the Mournland, Vathirond held up for a while, but the wave after wave proved too much, and those who could, fled. Not many remained.

As the train neared Vathirond, the smoke was clearly visible from miles away. The city was completely sacked. The conductor sped past. As they went by, it was noted that literally thousands of undead, both Skeletal and Zombie, milled about the streets. Mingled in with them were goblins. They were not being attacked, and it was deduced that they had some meaningful part to play in it all.

Just over a mile beyond Vathirond, someone spotted something amiss ahead on the tracks. A huge section of the tracks were missing. They had been torn from the ground. Realizing there wasn’t time to stop, the conductor looked to Omega Company for suggestions, to which Tripper recommended he try to jump the gap. So the conductor increased speed. But this did not work. The train quickly derailed as soon as the track ran out and the cars spun and flipped out of control for several hundred feet, until grinding to a halt 100 feet away from the tracks and ahead of the gap. Most everyone died in the passenger car Omega was in. Of the remaining, Mordius, a Hobgoblin of House Tharashk named Ruksak, a female Shifter named Maleena Littlebear joined Omega in gathering the survivors and surveying the wreckage.

Train Wreck As the group emerged, beaten but not stirred, the spied movement in the woods on the other side of the tracks. Slowly, but steadily, undead began to filter out of the foliage. In the middle of the mob, emanating a dark radiation, stood what was to become the party’s nemesis. Dughan Rendclaw. Hovering above were Dughan’s 2 faithful guard gargoyles. The party set to work on the mob while the rest of the survivors huddled behind the wreckage for safety. The battle turned south quickly as the gargoyle’s were dispatched. Seeing his imminent demise, Dughan summoned a giant skeleton, then vanished as it emerged from the ground. His misty form disappeared into the woods nearby. The group presumed he was headed to the nearby farmhouse. They dispatched the remaining undead, and set quickly to work on securing the train for the oncoming dusk.

The early adventures


Each of the members of Omega Company had his own reasons to join. Some did it for money. Some for fame. Some to escape. Some for a sense of purpose. But what they found there was much, much more. Through their early exploits, the members of Omega bonded quickly and fiercely, knowing the only way to survive the horrors they faced, was through brotherhood. They possessed an unusual kinship and found this bond easy to achieve. Little did they know, Fergus Curren had a much bigger plan in mind for them when he brought them together.

The Early Adventures:

Initially, Omega Company was comprised of Kae’lyn, Harlos, Gurney, Zed, Dez, Oshserath, and an unnamed Artificer from House Cannith. Kae’lyn vanished before the first trip underground. The Artificer vanished after returning to the surface the second day. Gurney, managed to accompany the group for quite some time, only to be replaced by Tripper later. But this didn’t dissuade Fergus. His core members were still intact. And the addition of Tripper to the group was a blessing to be sure. A warforged is always a welcome member in Fergus’ book.

The first mission Omega set out on was one into Dorasharn, the underground of the great city of towers, Sharn. They were to recover a lost schema for Elaydren d’Vown of House Cannith. Within the depths, Omega did recover the schema, but they also faced off with Saber, one of the Lord of Blades’ lieutenants. They also had a tense moment between Gurney and a muckraker Goblin named Skakan, showing Gurney’s true distaste for the species.

On returning to the surface, the schema returned, the group quickly set out on another mission for Fergus. This time to a small mining town called Hyde’s Pass, north west of Sharn. The townsfolk were suffering from a deadly disease, acquired from their tainted water, which comes from a well within the mines. Omega was to investigate. Once at Hyde’s Pass, Omega discovered many things. For one, they found the mayor, Cristo Fendas, to be under some sort of (yet to be discovered) influence. They also discovered within the mine, a group of displaced kobolds (who Omega escorted to a new home later), as well as the source of the tainted well, a slightly crazed Orc Druid named Roc Shearclaw. Roc revealed to the group that the mine was above a seal containing a daelkyr, and he tried to stop the mining, but was met with resistance that grew to violence. Poisioning the well was his last option. The group followed up on this lead and discovered some shady dealings with the mayor, which they promptly took up with the Zilargo Gnomes, who greatfully took up the investigation from there.

Zed chose to remain with Roc for a few weeks, learning what Roc could teach him. During this time, Tripper took up smithing and began his path to Artifice. The rest of the group killed time on the side. When Zed returned to Sharn, it was just in time for the Hunt of Balinor, which the group participated in. This marked a surprise return of Gurney, who made the event very exciting, if nothing else. Fittingly, Zed won the Hunt and pulled in a little coin as well as some acclaim. Gurney vanished from Sharn before Osh could smite him.

The next event for the group was a trip back into Dorasharn, after reports of strange creatures and aberrations were sighted emerging from the depths. In the lowest level of their previous excursion, they discovered a secret entrance, that they descended. Within, they found a Byeshk hammer, as well as facing their first aberrations. Deeper inside, they discovered a ceremony to the Dragon Below, of which the focus was a Bright Naga known as the Queen With Burning Eyes. The host was a crazed Aristocrat named Vestan ir’Simul. When faced with death, both the Naga and Vestan dove into a pit, presumably to their deaths. Brainwashed worshippers left behind were questioned, but to no avail.

On leaving the depths this time, the group was confronted by a sly figure named Travack who represented Demise and the Order of the Emerald Claw. They demanded the return of an amulet the group had found while within the depths. The group obliged to avoid any major conflicts.

When Omega returned to Fergus to get their next mission, they were accosted by the head of Boranel’s Dark Lanterns, Ariel Faldren. She revealed that Fergus had left Sharn for Flamekeep to investigate the disappearance of the militia he had formed there, just as he had in Sharn and several other nations on Khorvaire. Fearing for his safety, Ariel requested Omega pursue Fergus to ensure he didn’t meet any foul ends in Flamekeep.

It is here that Omega Company’s Journey and discoveries truly begin…

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