Eberron Omega

Chapter 9b-3 - Thon's Revalation

Dughan's depravity knows no bounds.

Later in the evening when you all bed down in Merrix’s estate, you’re awakened by a disturbance among the spirits. They’re roused by something trying to work its way through. Eventually after some resistance (which you later discover wasn’t hostile resistance, rather sympathetic resistance), a familiar image appears in front of you. Marneth. The Druid’s spirit manifests itself to you and he begs you to not give up your quest on the Keeper’s Key. He explains that while the threat may be subdued currently, it is only a lull before another big swell. Even if the aberrations don’t have their way with the artifact, the Lords of Dust could do just as much damage once the Rakshasa realizes how the thing works.

When you ask him how he came to be before you (knowing the answer but asking anyway) he will say he was killed battling a Vampire named Dughan Rendclaw.

In the years that passed since that fateful day Thon, Marneth, and Joth vowed their lives to the spirits, Marneth had moved south and set his grove at the border of the Talenta Plains and the Mournland. The spirits had guided him there to help protect the Halfling lands from the horrors that emerged from the Mournland. Joth had taken his newfound primal fury toward Valenar where the warrior elves embrace such martial ability.

In the days after Omega dispatched Dughan’s army and sent him fleeing for his life, he crossed the Mournland headed back to Lady Vol. When he emerged on the other side, he encountered Marneth and he overpowered the druid, taking his life to sustain his own. Now Marneth’s spirit remains on Eberron, bent on revenge for the loss, unwilling to pass to Dolurrh until Dughan has been slain.

Maleena (the Rakshasa) revealed a cryptic statement to Thon as he was leaving the Dwarven citadel in Khyber. He said Thon and Corwyn now had more in common than he knows and that he had an appointment he needed to keep. It appears this must be what he was talking about, as Corwyn has an unspoken of grudge to settle with Dughan as well.

He goes on to say that he would have told you when you made your regular pilgrimmage, but he doesn’t think you need to take time to make it this year. You have more pressing things at hand. He has relayed this to your fallen comrades and they agree. He will tell Joth, so you needn’t worry about that. He also says don’t let his retribution stray him too far from the course of destroying the Keeper’s Key. That is far more important than vengeance.

He says this is probably the last time he’ll be able to communicate with you in this form. But he will keep watching over you along with the rest of the spirits and you might just see him again soon.

He bids Thon farewell and fades back into the spirit realm.



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