Eberron Omega

Chapter 11d - Changing with the Tide

Some plots, and pirates, change like the tide.

061610 Game Night Recap:

Omega cram inside the small vessel alongside the guards and make way farther out to sea where they join up with an only slightly larger submersible with the brand The Iron Keg on it. Boarding it, they meet a grinning female Halfling named Mallum, a snooty male Half-Elf named Prine, and the captain of the vessel, a rough looking white-haired dwarf named Braran.

Prine and Mallum

The same line of questions as the guards comes from Braran and a few of the party can sense a bit of hesitation in his replies, as though he’s searching for the right words. But when the question is asked of how Omega feels about the Seadragons and they reply that they care little for them, Braran’s hesitance in response is noted again as is his relief in transmission of the conversation to Prine and Mallum when they start up a chorus of discontent for the Seadragons, allowing Braran to turn his attention to navigating the ship.


_Mallum, the female halfling, pulls a hatch on the top of the vessel closed and twists a metal handle, sealing it shut. Then, the vessel surges forward and down, plunging beneath the surface of the sea. You feel pressure in your ears as the metal contraption dives deeper and deeper. This seems routine to the others, as they laugh and sing about their victory. After a time, Prine speaks a command word, causing a bright light to burst from outside the ship. You can see it pierce the dark waters, illuminating vast outcroppings of rock under the waves._

The submergible surfaces about 2 days later as it nears its destination. Fog envelops the ship, making it difficult to see anything. The vessel keeps moving straight ahead, and you soon see the other vessels from the raid surface behind you. Finally, the fog breaks and sunlight fills the sky. Ahead of you is an immense white cliff. Carved into it are hundreds of archways, staircases, columns, and windows. This immense city is bustling with activity. Your vessel pulls into a dock at the base of the cliff.


Braran, Prine, and Mallum exit the vessel first. As Tripper and Ethos breach the hatch, they note a Half-elf with a look of alarm on his face as he sees them. He turns immediately and bolts the other way into the stronghold. Moments later:

Mika approaches, walking with her head held high. She shouts, “You seem in good spirits, brave friends! I look forward to hearing how we won the day yet again. But first, tell me about these newcomers you’ve brought with you.”

Braran steps up to explain, rather reluctantly, that the group aided them in their raid and asked to join their cause. Mika, looking a bit annoyed, hesitated in her response then threw a line of questions at Omega about why they were in Lhazaar in the first place, etc, to which was disclosed the situation with Zed. At this, Mika beckoned them to follow her to her throne room to discuss this further.

As they travel to the throne room, they travel a series of winding corridors and up many sets of stairs. They pass through enormous, lofty halls that serve as gathering places, and vast dwellings where extended families live. As they walk, Mika tells them that she has become cautious of newcomers lately, and that she wants to make sure that anyone who seeks to join her is as noble as the soldiers who make up her raiding parties.

_You enter an ornate hall—the court of Mika—and continue into her throne room beyond. The furnishings are decorated with exotic gems and stone, some of which look like they were gathered from the seafloor. A throne made of crystal and filled with slate-gray sand sits on a raised dais. Behind it is a row of columns, and between them you can see the sky outside.

You hear a noise that lets you know there are people hiding somewhere in this room, but despite catching the occasional glimpse of movement, it’s hard to pinpoint where they are._

As Mika approaches her throne, two human assassins appear, each wearing a dark cloak and brandishing two short swords. Mika shouts for help and adopts a defensive stance, but she is unarmed and outnumbered.

Mikas Throne Room

The two assassins set quickly to work on Mika, one tossing a vial on the ground filling the area between Omega and Mika with a dark smoke, obscuring their view. They fan out, taking shots from the snipers hidden at the sides of the room as they go. The assassins actually seem to be making good work of Mika before Omega turns the tide on them, sending one to the floor. She quickly tries to scamper away through the pillars at the back, her destination of the balcony and the sea below evident. But she is felled before she can escape by Astrid and Tripper pursues another around the side path. The 2nd sniper is cornered by Corwyn and Astrid and utterly destroyed. The only remaining assassin, the sniper, is held for questioning by Tripper. He claims he was hired by Rygar, but knows nothing more. He is ushered to the cells by guards and Mika thanks them for their aid.

She goes on to say: she already figured the assassins were sent by Rygar. This wasn’t the first of such attacks. As far as they know, none had escaped to tell Rygar where they are. Mika then talks to the PCs, explaining why the raids have been taking place, but first allows herself to loose her ruse as Omega were clearly not fooled by it. Before their eyes her image melts and contorts and she slims down and grows taller, taking on the form of a male elf. He reveals he is Prince Kel of the Grey Tide and that Thon is correct in their location of Lastpoint.

According to Kel, prior to Rygar’s coming to power, one of Kel’s trusted dignitaries and close friends, Lord Felmorra, disappeared. He was also one of the most outspoken opponents of Rygar and vehemently opposed his position as “leader” of the Principalities. Kel is thoroughly convinced that Rygar is responsible. No actual proof is at hand to this claim, however.

But Kel goes on to say that the region is no stranger to the creatures of the deep wreaking havoc on the shores and the Grey Tide had made an agreement with the Seadragons to combat this mutual foe. The Grey Tide would fight and the Seadragons would supply them. However, Rygar has not held up his end of the bargain, and Kel feels this is a possible sign of his abducting Lord Felmorra. Kel claims that his raiding of their supply ships is only fair to hold them to their end of the bargain. But it’s also meant to show his weakness and inability to protect his people. While he does hold the largest fleet in the Principalities, Kel feels his power was obtained unjustly and that his followers were coerced into supporting him. Also for this reason, the Grey Tide could not hope to withstand a full attack in retaliation from the Seadragons, so they disguised themselves as Cloudreavers to deflect any direct revenge their way. He goes on to say that no one in the area really likes the Cloudreavers, so it’s relatively justified.

Before he dismisses himself, Kel says he’ll let the PCs have some time to think about whether they want to join him. He gives them a place to stay, but regrets that he must post guards just in case.

Omega follow their guards back to the guest quarters as they part ways with Kel.

The guards escort Omega to the guest quarters where they see their rooms. Along the hallway, there are roughly 10 rooms. As they usually do, they select the 5 grouped closest together and they each are escorted to their own room to get settled in.

As they’re each getting themselves settled and ready to gather together again to discuss what they might do, the itching (and warmth for Tripper) they’ve been experiencing the past few weeks intensifies to the point where they each buckle in pain and scratching. Then, just as suddenly as it had come on, it vanished. Completely. No longer itching at all. In the wake of the episode, as they each inspect themselves wondering what the Hell just happened, they see markings left behind. At first glance, they think the markings nothing more than bruises from the intense scratching. But after a moment, they each begin to realize the markings seem unnatural in a way. Almost like tattoos…



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