Eberron Omega

Chapter 11b - Meeting Ryger

Being dominated isn't all that bad.

051910 Game Night Recap (brief and no frills):

Omega left the Wet Casque and headed straight to the Rusty Anchor.

Rusty Anchor

EotLQ Box Text:

_Waves of drinking songs and hearty cheers flow out the wide-open double doors of the Rusty Anchor, a large, three-story tavern in the midst of the Pirate Exchange. Everywhere you look, a different sort of entertainment is in progress. A wide stage features jugglers, musicians, and other performers, while tables at one side of the hall are a venue for an intense arm-wrestling competition. Near the wide bar, a list of names and numbers is chalked up on a slab of slate. An adjacent cleared space serves as a knife-throwing alley, where patrons hurl blades and insults with equal dexterity. In the center of it all stands a railed platform a few feet above the floor. The tables there give a clear view of the Anchor’s entertainment, but are all currently empty._

Inside they found a rather humble establishment, given its size (2 stories and a cellar). A bard was singing poorly on stage. All the tables were full, but as Omega made their way in, a table opened up and a burly Lizardfolk in the corner spied out Thon as his Valenar companion moved across from him and proceeded to display their intention there, arm-wrestling competition.

As Omega weighed their options, a man and a small entourage entered to which the barkeep called out “Ryger!” and he replied in kind. Prince Ryger moved toward the middle of the room, watching the knife-throwing competition now in play by a Talenta Halfling and a salty Goblin. Attempting to cash in on Ryger’s interests, Ethos played up Tripper’s abilities in arm-wrestling until the Lizardfolk called him to a competition. Meanwhile Thon engaged the Halfling about learning how to throw daggers.

While Tripper lost a round then won a round of arm-wrestling, leaving the draw as the outcome, Thon bested the Halfling in a trial match. Ethos stepped up and took a turn at the blades for actual coin and bested him heartily. The Halfling took his losses on the chin and went back to the bar. Ryger clapped appreciatively of the displays of Omega and nodded to Ethos saying he looked “familiar” to him, though in appearance and not visage.

A few moments later Tripper moved in to ask Ryger for a moment of his time. When he asked to move to some place private, Ryger had the barkeep dismiss the entire stock of patrons. Tripper then let on why they had come. Through the course of the telling Ryger did recall Zed setting up shop to recruit, but had heard so many rumors of his disappearance, he wasn’t sure what was truth and what wasn’t. He suggested visiting a Kundarak emissary to see if they had him on record as the best place to start.

After a pause, he also made a request of Omega in return for him pulling some strings to get more info for Omega. He asked that Omega infiltrate the Cloudreavers organization and try to reclaim freight he had lost to their raids. And, if it should happen their organization is disheveled in the process, a hefty bonus might appear in their payment.

Inspired Shock Troopers Omega agreed and they parted ways with Ryger. Heading back to The Herald, Omega was ambushed by 4 female Reidrans (Inspired), who made no claims, only issuing scant commands in their native tongue. Through the battle Ethos and Thon did become dominated and turned on their allies, but the tide of battle shifted when one of the Inspired fell and another fled, fearing for her life. When the last one also tried to flee, during the pursuit, several members of Omega caught residual telepathy of a conversation presumably going on within the Inspired where the vessel wanted to surrender but the other self did not. Eventually the other self won and she committed suicide with a resistant hand as she lay pinned and surrounded on the docks.

Tripper rifled through the bodies, collecting anything of note he could find, and they continued back to The Herald. Among the loot, 2 of the assassin daggers bore a symbol, Omega discovered later to be a bastardized symbol of the Path of Light (actual PoL symbol below). Path of Light



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