Eberron Omega

Chapter 11a - Rough Waters

Good wenches, better ale

050510 Game Night Recap:

Before disembarking from Stormhome, Tripper makes a final sweep to catch any disenfranchised Warforged who might rally to his cause. They set sail the following morning and make good time, taking great care to avoid the Thrane patrols in their path.

About 17 days into the trip, the Herald ran into a heavy storm. Squiddy took on a very serious visage. 3 days later the Herald was abruptly stopped as tentacles smashed into the sides of her, jarring her to a near halt.

Kraken The ship had been entrapped by a Kraken, 4 of its mighty tentacles standing like towers near the “4 corners” of the ship. Sahuagan scurrying up each and trying to board the ship.

The crew set quickly to work fighting back the Sahaugan but the tentacles threatened to smash the party and the ship. In an effort to fight the beast back, Omega set to anything they could to force the tentacles to retreat. Just when they had come near the end of ideas on escape, Tripper donned his circlet and spoke into the mind of the beast asking it what it wanted. It conveyed an image of “sacrifice” in return. Shouldering the responsibility himself, Tripper cast his prized spiked chain toward the center of the ship where a Sahaugan quickly snatched it up and dove into the ocean. Almost as soon as he hit the waves, the tentacles pulled away and the ship moved off.


The remainder of the voyage to Regalport was uneventful. Once in town, Omega got their bearings and set to the first tavern they liked the sound of on the way to where Prince Ryger would be. Inside they met up with a dwarf at the bar who revealed Zed was actually a prisoner in Dreadhold, supposedly having joined with the Cloudreavers and was accosted on a raid. A member of the Cloudreavers was present in the bar and the group approached him, but he shied away and proved useless to Omega. After a brief and embarrassing scuffle for the reaver, Omega decided to move on to find Prince Ryger. Regalport 3



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