Thontam Jagartm


Shaman – Scarred Healer

The Past

Born and raised in the Hoarfrost Mountains. Thon was out with one of the tribes hunting parties when he was eleven. The group was stuck close to one of the mountain peaks when a winter storm came in, not an unusual occurrence for the time of year and nothing the group was not prepared for. What they had not prepared for was the avalanche.

While the storm raged the party was strapped in waiting till the weather cleared. Suddenly a massive boom shook the whole mountain. From far up the peak a rumble began and grew more and more. The only thing they could do was wait and hope, there was no time to do anything else. Thon has never remembered much of the few minutes that followed.

The rumble grew deafening, then it hit. When he woke he was being dug out of the snow and rock by two of the older hunters, the three of them were the only survivors.

Now trapped on the mountain with no shelter and no gear it looked to be Thon’s last hunting trip. As the storm continued the three took shelter in an embankment, digging out a small area big enough for the three of them. There was no way they could make the day and a half trek down the mountain in the middle of the storm but they would not last long where they were without proper supplies.

Roughly six hours passed and the storm still held its strength, night fall would be soon.

Thon, remembering the summer campfire stories of the elders, did the only thing he could think of. He went out and gathered stones from the ground stacked them in a crude shrine and spoke to the spirits of the wind and the mountain. With his knife he offered the only thing he could give, his blood. Three cuts, three offerings, one for each of them in exchange for safe passage home. The spirit of the mountain came to him as a ram and guided them to a small cave where they could stay until morning.

Unnaturally warm in the cave due to some sort of fissure at the back, Thon thanked the mountain spirit for its kindness. In the morning the storm was passing, being push onward on its path by a wind spirit in the shape of an eagle.

Thon and his two companions made it safely home and the next summer they journeyed back to where their camp had been devastated by the tide of snow. There they built a permanent shrine to the spirits of the mountain and the wind, thanking them for sparing them and asking they give shelter to the spirits of their fallen friends.

From that point on the three of them vowed to always look to the spirits for guidance and aid. Thon took up the call of the Shaman, Marneth became a wise Druid and Joth grew into a mighty Barbarian, each harnessing the power of the spirits in their own way. They made a pact with each other; as long as they all still lived they would visit the shrine and pay homage once every ten years.

Thon still wears the scars of those three cuts and many more like them. The gift of blood is one reserved for only the direst of times and sadly he has lived through a fair share of them while others have not.

Starting off

Your village elder requested you to join Fergus after a personal vision of the future she had. She’d say that she saw you working for a man who came into Newthrone looking for hires to police the region. And that your time spent under him would prove fruitful in tying you closer to the region and, thus, your knit to the spirits there. She also will say that she foresees a dark future for the man, and that your abilities would prove crucial to aiding him and the land in a time of dire need. But she could only guess at any detail to that. It was more a feeling than it was an actual vision.

After conferring with your own spirit guide, you are convinced that it is the right thing to do and you go to Newthrone and join up with Fergus.

You work with the Sigma Company for several months, quelling many regional fires and growing spiritually along the way (you can write in as many tales here, as you like). There begins to occur a small quarrel among some of the members, though, and the group begins to break apart. You heard tell of Fergus’ coming to try and solve the dispute, but he never showed. Concerned, you were about to make arrangements to seek him out, but you got word that one of his Companies from the East, Omega Company, had arrived in Newthrone, Q’Barra. For what reason, you did not know, but you assumed it had something to do with him. So you set to Newthrone to find them.

When you arrive, you easily track them down at the inn where they are staying. But when you get there, you find that they have been assaulted in the night and only 2 members remain.

Thontam Jagartm

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