Oshserath (Dravago, 998yk) from Dava Gate (ERCS pg44) in the Middle Wards of Sharn.

Son of the Kalashtar, Dalserath, and human Arla d’ Orien on the 10th of Rhaan, in the year 979yk (104 years after the beginning of the last war).

Osh’s mother, Arla d’Orien, was part of the Transportation Guild, who was working in Sharn with the Lightning Rail (oversaw the operation of the docks) before her death in 989yk while helping develop the first elemental air ships, in transport from Korranberg to Sharn. House of Orien – Eberron Champaign Setting Page 235

Osh’s father, Dalserath, while working as a Lightbringer in Dava Gate he helped negotiate the passage of the Orien trade routes through Ardev, when he met the would be mother-of-his-child, Arla D’Orien.

There was an uprising of Orcs who tried to cut off the trade route between Breland and Droaam at Ardev. Arla d’Orien was sent to try and negotiate a settlement but due to her gender she was not able to settle the dispute. Dalserath, happened to be passing through Ardev on his way home and hearing about the dispute decided to lend a hand, which is when Oshserath’s parents met and he was conceived.

While his mother was alive Osh spent his days working with her on the docks of the lightning rails. After her death Osh moved in with his father and began his studies into the nature of the Kalashtar and the Qouri.


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