Eberron Omega

Chapter 11e - Creatures of the Deep

"Oh God! It's the Kuo-Toazord!!!"

063010 Game Night Recap:

During the evening, Ethos (startled by the appearance of his Dragonmark) visits Astrid (who chooses to make no mention of hers to anyone else) and inquires about it, to which she reveals all she knows about it to him. Puzzled and amazed at this development, Ethos thanks her and makes back to his room to catch some much-needed rest and consider how he might proceed with this change in events.

Illyana Thon spends the twilight hours conferring with the spirits over his very strange revalation, which he notes looks very similar to the mark of the Jorasco healer they left the legless man with. After some time meditating a vision comes to Thon. A spirit dragon approaches him, saying nothing, but it appears to have been a Brass dragon in life. When Thon asks the dragon about the mark, it conjures an image of Astrid implying she would hold the answers to his questions. But it continues to show him an image of lands Thon has never visited, but look familiar to him. They remind him of stories and descriptions of lands out east, in Sarlona. The dragon pans the image to a great mountain that reaches to the clouds, lets it linger for just a moment, then dissolves it. When Thon returns his attention to the Dragon, he is sitting in a meditative pose and the image of the Path of Light, Illyana, is hovering above his head. And then the vision dissipates. Puzzled by this cryptic message, Thon does his best to get some sleep.

The following morning Thon and Corwyn both visit Astrid to get information on their Dragonmarks. Corwyn’s really doesn’t surprise Astrid at all, given his chosen path, but Thon’s has her completely befuddled. After explaining to him what he bears, they all stand there puzzled before Astrid mentions that clearly they’ve stumbled upon something much bigger given their current quest, if this manifestation of Dragonmarks is to come about. It was too convenient to be coincidental. Particularly Thon’s development of a Halfling Dragonmark. Pondering further, she considers the Prophecy and all its enigmatic paths. Too much to consider at this point in time, they decide it’s best to let it settle for a bit and continue on to see what else develops. Just as they’re about to go get him, Tripper finally enters the room wearing a makeshift toga that appears to have been roughly crafted from a curtain or bedsheets. When met with raised eyebrows, he simply responds “I’m trying something different.” Everyone just shrugs, clearly coming to expect such eccentricities from the Warforged.

RETCON: Tripper emerged as they were about to get him, with a strange symbol clearly visible on his chest that wasn’t there before. Truly puzzled at this, the party all look at him, then each other in amazement, then to Astrid for some sort of answer. But she appears the most shocked of all. She puzzles over it for a moment, but then comes to the same conclusion everyone else had about letting the situation unfold a little more to see if more clues develop. end retcon

Omega make way to Kel’s throneroom where he is entertaining two diplomats. When he sees them enter, he politely lets the diplomats finish their thoughts, then indicates Omega’s presence and the diplomats nod, bow, and exit. Security in the throne room is clearly ramped up now with guards by the door and throne.

Kel stands as they enter and beckons, “So? Have you decided?” A consensus mumbling of “we’ll join you” follows. It should be noted Omega have unanimously decided at this point to accept the quest to try and win Kel’s favor before requesting his aid in freeing Zed from Dreadhold.

“Excellent,” Kel responds,” are you ready to leave immediately?” To which several in the group inquire more information about the quest. Kel goes on to explain it’s a “cleanup” mission of sorts. As he noted previously, aside from the Cloudreavers, only one other thing in the Principalities is a plague to all Princes, the “creatures of the deep.” Also known as Kuo-Toa. This mission will be to infiltrate a Kuo-Toa cell they’ve recently discovered and eliminate them. They’re to accompany Braran in the Iron Keg deep below into a labyrinthine cavern system several days to the west.

Satisfied with that response they make way to the Iron Keg and join up with Braran to set off immediately.

You join Braran on board, the Iron Keg. There isn’t much room to move around, and the air inside is hot, stifling, and a bit gamy. The metal vessel has many portholes in its sides, and there’s a spyglass for peering out into the waters. A light ballista sits at the front of the ship, and there’s a hatch it can fire through. Big winches at the back of the ship control the rudders.

Lair Entrance About 3 days later they near their destination and dive. The entry tunnels are rife with traps and natural hazards and with a little effort and Braran’s expert nautical skills, they manage to skirt the dangers in a fairly quick amount of time. Making way through the tunnels they finally reach the inner sanctum of the Kuo-Toa lair they target.

RETCON: About 3 days later they near their destination and dive. The entry tunnels are rife with traps and natural hazards, the Iron Keg sustains some damage maneuvering the traps and Kuo-Toa guards and Tripper elects to leave the ship and fend off the attackers so the Keg can escape to patch the holes. He says he’ll catch up with them once he’s dispatched the guards. Making way through the tunnels after a brief stop to patch the holes the Keg finally reaches the inner sanctum of the Kuo-Toa lair they target. end retcon

Iron Keg The entrance to a cave is clearly visible ahead, ringed by glowing runes. The gems on the outside of the submersible’s hull shine, illuminating the cave ahead with shafts of light. A dumbfounded fish-creature looks out at you, mouth agape.


The front of the submersible plows into the opening and scrapes across the coarse sand near the cave entrance. Braran shouts, “Pop the hatch and load the ballista! Time to knock the scales off these slimy bastards!”

The fishy creature you see is similar to the ones Omega met and shared aid with in Khyber. They are Kuo-Toa.


Eberron Kuo-Toa Lore:

Deep in the recesses of Khyber there exists a series of underground rivers and caverns, many of which connect with the many oceans of Eberron. Within these depths the Locathah speak of an ancient kingdom that rested between the Sea of Lost Souls and the Barren Sea, ruled by savage priest kings. This ruling caste of Locathah practiced unspeakable rituals in the names of dark gods, and would commonly sacrifice even their own people in their name. Eventually the common Locathah fought back against these dark kings and toppled their empire. Those loyal to the priests fled into the underground streams and rivers evolving into the race we now know as the Kuo-toa.

Today the Kuo-toa can mainly be found in Khyber, beneath southern Sarlona, the far western and northwestern reaches of Xen’drik, and below the Kapaerian Island. A dark and brooding people, they are just as imperialistic now as they were thousands of years ago. Over the years they have managed to build a large number of independent city-states, thankfully not yet united under one banner.

The party disembarks from the vessel and sets quickly to action, taking advantage of the surprise. The spear-weilding guards scuttle in from their varying positions around the caverns, trying to jab and poke at the party members. Harpooners are set up on a ledge just out of reach and they periodically take cracks at the party trying to pull them close for the kill until Astrid cuts the cave in half with a wall of fire.

On the other side, from deep within the caverns, a more powerful looking Kuo-Toa emerges just behind a large Aberration Destrachan.


Eberron Destrachan Lore:

It is unknown whether these beasts were spawned these or in fact brought to the lands by the Daelkyr, but either way, Destrachan were once used as living close range artillery against the Dhakaani.

Today these beasts roam the darkness and are usually solitary creatures, though it is believed that many of them are still held by the shattered armies of the Daelkyr.

Destrachan are dangerous and powerful creatures, and many varieties exist. One such variation was captured, in the Demon Wastes, by a Templar of the Silver Flame. The creature seemed to have been twisted by the delving landscape there, and this has led to the belief that maybe Destrachans true origins are bound to not just the Daelkyr, but to those of Khyber itself. Whichever the origin, two things are commonly known about Destrachan. First, they are inherently evil, and second they are even more inherently dangerous.

The Destrachan thunders forward and bellows at the party sending all into a daze except Corwyn. The strain of the attack was too much for the creature and it immobilized itself with a muscle strain. Further attacks of similar form caused it more setbacks and after a while and a couple of well-placed lightning bolts from the leader Kuo-Toa, Omega manage to emerge victorious, though not easily. The Harpooners proved worthy foes with their tug-of-war they ensued and the elusive guard minions evaded attacks with a surprising guile. But even despite one point of Thon and Ethos being blasted back into the underwater caverns and having to quickly swim back to battle, Omega proved too much for even the powerful leader.

RETCON: Just as the dust of battle begins to settle over the cave, Tripper emerges through the cave entrance with a few scrapes, but not the worse for wear. He apologizes for being so late, but walking along the tunnel entrances proved more difficult than he expected. end retcon

Investigating the rest of the caves for more enemies, the party discovers an unlikely surprise. Prisoners and some discarded valuables in the posterior cells. Among the prisoners, the one and only Lord Felmorra. After rescuing the prisoners, the clearly tortured and starved Felmorra tells the party it was Rygar who had them imprisoned. Men bearing his standard and uniforms accompanied Kuo-Toa in capturing them and handed them off to this group of foul beings to be kept and tortured several months ago. Felmorra then trails off on some tyrade about politics that Omega try to sidestep. They board the Iron Keg and quickly set off in the now very cramped vessel. Braran sends word via a Sivis sending ritual to Kel and Kel says they’ll set off in the flagship Kel’s Quarrel immediately to meet them half way.

In addition to the set pieces (Nick, Tripper's set piece is the Shepherd's Arms Spear +4) and other materials I handed out at the table...

4,500 gp, and a suit of (nonmagical) ancient golden armor worth 7,500 gp.

Moonlight Lavaliere Level 18+

This pendant sheds a soft moonlight glow when you are attacked, dazing enemies that hit you.

Lvl 18 +4 85,000 gp

Item Slot: Neck

Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex, and Will

Power (Daily): Minor Action. Until the end of the encounter or until you make an attack, any creature that attacks you takes a –2 penalty to the attack roll, and any creature that hits you is dazed until the start of your next turn.


✦ Lord Felmorra (male eladrin), the missing diplomat Kel spoke of that this whole mess was started over

✦ Lady Seletha (female human), Felmorra’s wife

✦ Quarion (male half-elf ), 10-year-old son of Fel morra and Seletha

✦ Advisor Kytala (female human) and Barraman (male human), both advisors to Felmorra




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