Eberron Omega

Chapter 10a - Protecting the Keep

Who doesn't love a self-aware Warforged Titan? Seriously.

Brelish Crest

To be expanded later:

033110 Game Night recap:

Tripper, Corwyn, and Thon left Sharn for Wroat to meet with Boranel Wroat

In the meeting you found Boranel willing to assist against the raids on the keep, but not really able to help against the Aberrant threat Omega faces, though he was highly interested in the subject.

Rusty He handed Omega a small offering of assistance in the services of Ariel (the Dark Lantern who had been working with Omega already) as well as Rusty, a decommissioned Warforged Titan with a unique “condition.” As well as Rusty’s Artificer who appeared to not even be needed as Rusty seemed to be pretty self-aware.

Omega met up with Astrid in Wroat and they all journeyed to Vathirond uninhibited.

Adamant Keep

Karrnathi Zombie Once there, they made way to the keep to get a report and secure Rusty and during the meet and greet Ethos flew in overhead on a Griffin. While in the air he spotted activity to the north in the southern forest. On being spotted a small undead army emerged along with a massive Nightwalker who pursued Ethos back to the keep.

Karrnathi Skeleton From within, the walls secured, the undead horde met an unplanned for resistance in Omega Company and Rusty and they made a mockery of the invasion, capping it with an unintended ambush on Dughan who lead the attack into the keep.

After expending his resources, Dughan was bested and he turned into mist form to escape back to his coffin, but Tripper had his specially-made bellows brought to him during the battle, expecting this move. He engulfed Dughan inside and Omega makes plans to push through the undead horde to reach the river in time to submerge Dughan, destroying him for good.



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