Welcome to the Eberron Omega campaign. Ported from 3.5E to 4E.

General Knowledge: In the months immediately following the Treaty at Thronehold, a retired adventurer named Fergus Curren works his way across Khorvaire establishing a series of regional militia charged with policing their respective zones. In each major city of each nation, with the exception of Thrane who refused to cooperate but Fergus set up groups in secret anyway, he publicly seeks out those eager to answer the call of adventure, pulling in people of all number of backgrounds to form several parties of 4 to 6 each titled a Company name from Alpha to Omega. This campaign is the telling of the adventures of Omega Company.

Omega Company originated out of Sharn, Breland. In the onset, it was unclear to the party that more than their current occupation tied them together. As the campaign carried on, they began to discover that some of the party members had familial ties to Fergus and that a deeper plot was unfolding.

As the campaign reopens (in 4E), Omega is far out East in Q’Barra, just returning from an expedition to locate a great Byeshk weapon that may help them in defeating the foe they must soon face.

Eberron Omega

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